TmarTn Lashes Out at HonorTheCall on Twitter


29th Jul 2016 11:38:35 AM


Two days ago, YouTuber HonorTheCall, known for his work exposing TmarTn as one of the owners of CSGOLotto, uploaded a new video showing what was happening behind the scenes while he was investigating the CSGOLotto story. The video shows an email HTC (HonorTheCall) received from a "Trevor Martin" at the address [email protected], which is TmarTn's official business email, and is publicly available. The email told HTC that he would pay him $1000 to take down the video in which he exposed TmarTn, and put out a new video saying he lied to get views. HTC also has screenshots from his and TmarTn's conversation on Skype in his video, where TmarTn says he believes CSGOLotto is legal.

Yesterday, TmarTn hit back at HTC on Twitter, first sharing a video claiming that the email HTC received was spoofed. This seems highly likely, since emails between two gmail accounts should always be encrypted. That would also explain why the email warned HTC not to respond. However, Gmail will typically detect spoofed emails as spam, and will give you a notice saying "This message may not have been sent by: [email protected]." We confirmed this by testing popular email spoofing websites. HTC hit back at TmarTn, saying that the spoofed email could have been a ploy to cover his tracks.

TmarTn also sent out a screenshot from the beginning of his Skype conversation with HTC, saying "All of these 'Skype logs' he's showing: he agreed to keep them confidential. Breach of Privacy Law? You decide. Regardless, at this point it's just grabbing at air hoping to stay relevant. Milk it baby! #anythingforthesubsandviews." Ryan Morrison, also known as Video Game Attorney, said in a Tweet that HTC broke no laws by releasing Skype messages after asking to keep them private. Many other Twitter users hit back at TmarTn, calling him a "scammer," while others Tweeted messages of support to the embattled YouTuber.

Last night, HTC uploaded a short new video, saying that he will not be showing any new messages from the Skype chat until he is sure he will not be sued by TmarTn. He also says that in the messages he was planning on showing TmarTn does threaten him with legal action and offered to collaborate on a video for HTC's channel to show that the two "get along." HTC is in contact with legal counsel from attorney Ryan Morrison.

Our understanding of the CSGOLotto situation is that HTC has been operating within the bounds of the law, and any lawsuits filed against HTC would be baseless. It seems to many that TmarTn is now getting desperate, trying to save his reputation and his channel, which now receives more than 50% dislikes on each new video, and has lost thousands of subscribers since the scandal broke. However, more threats against HTC is likely to change nothing at this point, since we do have proof that TmarTn owned CSGOLotto and did not disclose his ownership of the site.


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